About Us

Hey! I'm Mogale, Founder of ToolsGaloreHQ


My Name is Mogale Modisane

I am an Electrical Engineer by Profession, working in the super exciting Renewable Energy Space since 2017.

As an engineer I was always frustrated at the lack of comprehensive knowledge available online when in comes to different tools. So I created this blog to share with the world my learnings and make clearer the murky (and often overly technical) world of Tools.

Happy Tooling 🙂

A Little Story About How I Got Started...

I purchased my first apartment in 2020. Whilst going through the many things I needed to buy. A tool box was top of the list. By the way I am a very “untechnical engineer” but super curious. 

I remember opening my tool box (see image below), and asking myself “What the heck are the names of all of these tools”. Mind you these were super basic tools. 

So I set out to learn more, and as I learnt more, the more I was like “Wow – I need to share this”.

That was the birth of this blog 🙂


Here's How I Can Help You...

In this website you will find comprehensive guides and tips on various tools from power tools, accessories and measurement equipment. I will take a deep dive and leave you with your own “Oh Wow” moment.

I have worked with equipment from large 80 MVA electrical transformers, costing over millions to your simple spanner. As I learn more I share more. You win and I learn. Simple.

After all I am a Engineer.