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Best Drill press table
Fulton Deluxe 1 3/8 inch Thick Drill Press Table
  • Two zero clearance insert plates
  • 1-3/8 inch thick base
  • Unique L-shaped fence
  • Two zero clearance insert plates
  • 1-3/8 inch thick base
  • Unique L-shaped fence
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WEN DPA2412T 24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table
  • Large and spacious
  • Fits any drill press table between 5 to 16 inches in width
  • Compatible with all WEN drill presses
  • Large and spacious
  • Fits any drill press table between 5 to 16 inches in width
  • Compatible with all WEN drill presses
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PROXXON MICRO Compound Table KT 70, 27100
  • Quiet, precise and vibration free
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Very precise
  • Quiet, precise and vibration free
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Very precise
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MYSWEETY Multifunction Worktable
  • Adjustable dovetail slots
  • Fixed jaw
  • Movable ruler
  • Adjustable dovetail slots
  • Fixed jaw
  • Movable ruler
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Overall #1 Rated Pick

Updated On April 12, 2024

drill press table

Fulton Deluxe 1-3/8 inch Thick Drill Press Table

The Fulton Deluxe 1-3/8 Inch Thick Drill Press Table is one of the best drill press tables on the market.

It comes complete with an adjustable alimunium fence making it very easy to drill repeatable holes.

The sturdy design reduces the effects of vibrations and furthermore allows you to drill various types of holes and uses for sanding projects whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy.

This one is a real gem, it comes fully equipped with a unique uni-body L-shaped alimunium fence, that can easily be adjusted, making your drilling experience fantastic overall.

It can easily be incorporated into any type of drill press as well, be it a floor or table top drill press. It has a unique track base mounting system making it very versatile and easy to install.

One thing I did not like about this tools however is that the installation instructions were not very clear, although if you have knowledge you can intuitively figure it out, however they could make it slightly clearer overall.

What I really like about it is that because of it’s sturdiness, it can easily accommodate the use of any type of drill bit from you basic standard 118 degree standard drill bit, to very large multi-tooth forstner bits, it will produce the same level of stability throughout.

The real gem for this drill press table has got to be the two zero clearance insert plates. This gives extreme flexibility in that you can even add a sanding drum to your overall configuration making sanding and drilling a breeze.  

Fulton to their credit have fixed known issues on their previous models. They have added screws that will allow you to determine the angle from which you wish to drill.

Overall it’s an incredible option, it has a wide base, it is easy to set up even though the instructions are not very clear. The last issue that I have noticed is that on very small drill presses (especially table top types) you will find that the height adjustment crank can interfere with table.

If you are in the market for a really world class drill press table, it does not come better than the Fulton Deluxe 1-3/8 Inch. This is in my opinion one of the best. 

Best Drill Press Table - Top 4 picks

In a rush, no problem. See below a list of my top picks. For more detailed information on each please keep reading.

  1. Fulton Deluxe 1 3/8 inch Thick Drill Press Table
  2. WEN DPA2412T 24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table
  3. PROXXON MICRO Compound Table KT 70, 27100
  4. MYSWEETY Multifunction Worktable

Why This Guide For The Best Drill Press Table

A handy drill press table can make your life so much easier, whether you are a weekend warrior or a dedicated wood working specialist.

As you already know, when using your drill press for long enough you will soon notice that the standard drill press table is often more cumbersome than it is helpful.

In this case, you could definitely use a drill press table that is more ergonomically designed with a wider base, better T-slots , and overall better design.

However, a quick search on the web can often leave one very confused. Were do you even start? What do you look for,  and how do you know if which one is right for you.

That is why I created this guide to help dispel any doubts. I have literally undertaken hours of research, and reviewing different drill press tables so that you do not have to do the work yourself.

Also I keep this guide periodically updated, ensuring that you are getting the best information at your fingertips.

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What Are The Important Features Of The Best Drill Press Table

There are a couple of key features that you must know and be aware of when looking to purchase a table for drilling. Knowing these will definitely make choosing the best for drill press table for yourself a lot easier.

Table Size

Typically your choice will be approximately 15 inches by inches.

However the best table size is usually within the range of 20 inches to 24 inches. These are great because they work for almost all circumstances, no matter what you use it for.


The standard tables do not come with a fence.

The whole purpose of a fence is actually quite simple. It acts as a backstop to help you drill repetitive holes.

Without a fence, you will need to measure every time you drill, which as you can imagine will reduce your overall productivity and make the process of using your drill press a lot more cumbersome.

An adjustable fence should also be able to slide and slot into T-slot grooves.

Drill Press Table


What you will often find is that your drill press comes with a X-shaped slots. These are ok, if you are just starting out, but what will generally happen is that as you become more experienced you will want to have a wider range of slot options.

That is were your T-slots come in, they are cut along the width of your drill press table giving you the option to mount various vises and clamps thus making it easier to secure your wood whilst drilling.

One thing to note, is that always make sure that you piece of wood is secured before you drill, either using clamps or If you want more intricate cuts, by using something like a cross-side vise.

Round Edges

I always say, when working with power tools, safety is number 1.

This rings true even when you want to use a drill press table. One thing that I see often being overlooked is the sharp corners, especially when people custom make their drill press tables.

Always ensure that there are no sharp corners, or if there are you smooth them out evenly using something like a corner chisel.

This will prevent you from hurting your hip as you move around and drill.

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Bonus: Dust Collection

This is a feature I was thoroughly surprised by myself.

As you already know, drill presses can be notoriously very messy, as the debris that you get when you drill is very difficult to discard.

A drill press table with a dust collection mechanism is a real bonus. This will not only help keep your work place clean, it will also ensure that you can operate at a higher level of efficiency without having to always stop and clean. Making the entire process much easier.

What To Avoid When Looking To Buy The Best Drill Press Table

There are a couple of things that I want to highlight that you should avoid, if you want a drill press table that is reliable and functional. I have listed these below.

Small table

Typically as I have said previously, a drill press table that is smaller than 24 inches long is usually not of very practical use. It will not only hinder you from applying different types of clamps and sizes of stock material, it will also make it difficult to balance a large piece of wood.

Adding unnecessary vibrations to your drill press and and reducing the overall smoothness of your drill.

Thin and cheap design

Typically when looking for a drill press table always go for one that is at least twice the thickness of a plywood sheet or 1-3/8 inches thick.

The reasoning for this is quite simple. You want it to be sturdy enough to allow it to withstand the effect of being clamped, and also strong enough overall to avoid microcracking through the vibrations that it will experience when the drill press is operational.

Especially if the table is made from wood, always ensure that it has finish applied, this does two things.

  • It maintains the integrity of the wood from cracking whilst in operation; and
  • It protects the wood from surface dirt and moisture.

My Deep Dive Review Of The Best Drill Press Table

Option #1: Fulton Deluxe 1 3/8 inch Thick Drill Press Table



Product Dimensions

15 x 24 x 1-3/8 inches


Wood Laminate


  • Two zero clearance insert plates
  • Fully laminated table with 1-3/8 inches diameter
  • Uniquely designed L-style shaped
  • Center finding measuring tape


  • Installation could be easier, instructions are not crystal clear

Option #2: WEN DPA2412T 24 in. x 12 in. Drill Press Table



Product Dimensions

200 mV/2V/20V/200V/600V




  • Sturdy 1 inch thick body
  • Compatible with all ranges of WEN drill presses
  • Large area (275 square inches)
  • Easily tighten mounting clamps onto any table from 5 to 16 inches in width


  • The T-slots are a bit light and most probably need to be changed with 3rd party slots.

More Info

The WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table is a very spacious option. It is 23-7/8’’ x 11-7/8’’, giving you overall 275 square inches of space for your projects.

Furthermore it works very well and attaches easily to drill press tables that are between the 5 and 16 inches in width.

It has a couple of really cool features that are worth mentioning. It is equipped with onboard rulers that are designed to maximize accuracy ensuring that you get very precise cuts.

Like any top drill press table it comes equipped with an adjustable fence that will slide backwards and forwards. This gives you the additional flexibility especially when you want to drill repeatable holes or drill at a various angles consistently.

It has a very sturdy 1 inch frame as well, which is great for reducing the overall vibrations whilst drilling.

One thing I would like to see improved are the T-slots. If you use a bench clamp they can very easily rip out of their slots on the first time of use. So you might need to adjust these or install wider slots.

Another thing, is that the plastic clamps that accompany this drill press table are designed for WEN products, however when trying to install them on a different type of drill press there are often issues, for example it does not adequately extend on a Jet 12’’ drill press table.

All of these issues can be easily remedies if you have workshop experience and know-how but they are worth mentioning here so that you are more informed when making your purchase.

With all that being said, this table is a great value for money option. I had doubt about including it in this list because of the many little iterations one might need to make to ensure that the drill press table works effectively.

So on analysis of what it could cost to be able to have this table remade,  I soon realized that it is overall cheaper to buy this table off the shelf and make the slight iterations if you need to yourself.

So with that being said, changing the track and making a few iterations might cost you about $20. Which is a lot less that what you would ultimately pay if you had to make this entire drill press table from scratch.

One last thing I really like and I always look for when searching for the best drill press table is the ability to raise and lower the drill press crank without it interfering with the drill press table itself.

So overall if you are in the market for a real value for money drill press table that allows for easy adjustability and customization, then the WEN DPA2412T Drill Press Table is most definitely one you should check out.

Option #3: PROXXON MICRO Compound Table KT 70, 27100



Product Dimensions

11.02 x 7.68 x 2.10 inches


Surface treated aluminium


  • Surface treated alimunium
  • Great for precision milling, boring, drilling or grinding operations
  • Two year warranty
  • Adjustable ruler


  • It struggles with low-speed, low powered drilling operations when using soft aluminum

More Info

The PROXXON MICRO Compound Table KT 70, 27100 is a very small and accurate drill press table that is designed and ideally used together with the Micromot Drill Stand MB 140/S or the Machine Vise MS4.

What is super interesting about this option is that it comes equipped with multiple features such as a backlash controlled by adjustable dovetails, an adjustable ruler and 4mm x 15 mm screws for mounting this drill press table onto a drill stand.

It is one of the best X-Y tables that I have come across on the market, and it is incredibly useful for smaller jobs whereby you require a lot more flexibility around how you position and move the stock material (i.e. what you will be drilling into).

What get’s this tool onto this list is that it is able to hold metal at precisely angles and within tiny variations.

You can also attach this to the base of popular drill presses using nuts, washers and bolts without much hassle.

The transverse knobs work fantastically on both axis and the table overall is of great use when considering that it will excellent for milling into materials like alimunium, brass, or plastic.

One thing I would say is because of it’s size it is not very suitable for large pieces of plywood for example, and within the range of X-Y tables it is still quite small.

However with that being said it is still very sturdy and operates extremely smoothly. It also works well with different vices.

From my experience and what I have seen in the market it tends to be fully appreciated by mechanical CAD operators and modelers who need to drill super precise holes throughout various stock materials. This is in fact true for the entire range of PROXXON products.

Furthermore, I am a big fan of post-sale support in the form of parts manuals, warranty information and customer service, making this small X-Y drill press table a real gem.

If you are in the market for a drill press table that is nimble and accurate, fully capable of mounting various types of metals and wood  precisely for drilling or milling operations, then the PROXXON MICRO Compound Table KT 70, 27100 is most definitely right up there with the best. 

Option #4: MYSWEETY Multifunction Worktable



Product Dimensions

310mm x 90 mm x 76 mm


Surface treated aluminium


  • It has three T-slots
  • Zero adjustment handwheel  for both the Y and X axis
  • Hand crank
  • Safety cover


  • Not for industrial use

More info

The MYSWEETY Multifunctional Worktable is a very nice and simple drill press table for basic hobby and home usage. It has a couple or really cool features as well such as fixed jaw, graduated ring and an zero adjustment handwheel, which provides you with a lot of flexibility for your hobby milling or drilling jobs.

The work tail on top of it all is well equipped with an adjustable dovetail slot made from an aluminum alloy composition.

This is a great addition overall because it allows for minimum space whilst guaranteeing good accuracy.

The best thing about this drill press table overall is that if you intend to use it just for hobby DIY projects then it is best suited for you and it is extremely good value for money.

I would not recommend that you use this tool for heavy duty industrial use.

Another issue with this drill press table is that the set screws might need some adjustments on each of the cross-slide gib’s the reason for this is that it can often shake a bit when in operation, introducing a bit of vibration to the drill area.

To do this you will need to loosen the lock nut on each set screw and then tightly fasten the set screws on the cross-slide. It is not a difficult fix but it something worth considering when buying this drill press table.

With that being said it has a very accurate X and Y movement, and it works very well with 8 to 16 inch drill presses taking them and then converting them into milling machines.

For a tool this cheap you can often think about it’s flexibility especially if you wanted to clamp down something like a PV pipe which is longer than the table itself.

I can tell you it definitely can be done, you would just need to be a bit more industrious.

For example, you could use a piece of wood, bolted down to with channel screws and then on top of that add your own device. Doing this will give you more flexibility when using the MYSWEETY Multifunctional Worktable.

Lastly I am quite impressed with their what I often term after sale support. The product has reasonable assembly guides and if you have any issues, you can very easily contact the support services and they can assist you very quickly.

So If you are looking for a drill press table that is great for hobbyist DIYers you cannot go wrong with the MYSWEETY multifunctional worktable, it is definitely one of the best drill press table for anyone working on simple jobs at home.

Additional Tips When Using The Best Drill Press Table

Slot Insert

This one over here is a real ninja hack, see the video below. Often when you are constantly drilling, it is very easy to forget that your drill press can actually leave holes and marks as it goes through the stock material. 

Therefore a slot insert is something that you can add or remove interchangeably making your overall design much better. 

 Laser pointer

To even make your overall experience even better, I would recommend the use of a x cross laser pointer, which acts as a guide when you are drilling. This laser basically ensures your eyes are aligned with exactly were you will be drilling, making it easier and quicker to perform drilling operations.

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Final Thoughts On Best Drill Press Table

As you can see choosing a drill press table is not that complicated, you will need to decide what you really need – be it high precision and accuracy or a larger surface area through which to operate.

Whatever it is you can always find top quality tables in this guide. Very interestingly as well if you really want to, you can build one yourself.

Hope this makes your purchasing decision much easier. 

Mogale Modisane, PrEng

Mogale Modisane, PrEng

Mogale is a professional engineer (PrEng). With experience working on large-scale Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Projects. He has been exposed to multiple tools throughout his career and has a keen interest in breaking down the often murky world of power tools, machines, and measurement equipment making them more accessible and understandable to everyone.

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Mogale Modisane, PrEng

Mogale Modisane, PrEng

Mogale is a professional engineer (PrEng). With experience working on large-scale Solar, Wind, and Hybrid Projects. He has been exposed to multiple tools throughout his career and has a keen interest in breaking down the often murky world of power tools, machines, and measurement equipment making them more accessible and understandable to everyone.

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